Our brand is CREATRIX VISUALS and we are a team of passionate artists in the field of creative media.

Our brand was founded by Chris Connor.  Chris Connor is a freelance cinematographer, graphics designer, and concept artist with a passion for the magic that can be captured by the lens and brought to life through editing.

CREATRIX VISUALS is a full production house with the mission to offer clients with services and products that will enable them to bring their creative vision to life. Through progressive cinematography, vibrant visuals and film-like story telling we endeavor to work closely with our clients and create something that transcends story, and speaks to the audience on a subliminal level. Moreover, we aspire to bring our own concepts to life by producing our own entertainment & commercial content by utilizing our in-house expertise, equipment and passion.​

Through our site’s store section we aim at providing filmmakers & artists to both purchase and selling product solutions. Whether it is a young sound artist looking to promote his work or a filmmaking enthusiast looking for affordable high quality creative content CREATRIX VISUALS is the place to be.​

At the day's end we also have a strong desire to support and inspire young filmmakers, graphic artists and content creators. Through our series of free tutorials showcased on our YouTube channel ''CREATRIX VISUALS'' we hope to guide those with the thirst to learn.

If you are interested in some of our work or would like us to work together please make sure to contact us through the listed info on our contact page.

Happy Creations,